The A-List Difference

think-big-dream-big-smallerA-List Education was founded in 2005 in New York City by a team of Ivy League graduates with extensive experience in SAT and ACT preparation. Our vision is to not only deliver outstanding results for our clients but also to use the tests as a platform for a student's personal growth. A-List has grown to provide leading-edge education services to private clients all over the world and more than 500 secondary schools and nonprofit organisations, helping more than 30,000 students a year through our offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Dubai, Shanghai and Istanbul

A-List Education UK has been providing specialist support to international students applying to US universities since 2012. We offer expert guidance on all aspects of the exam preparation and application process to our private clients, ranging from SAT or ACT support to selecting best fit American universities. A-List UK was established by Edward Smallwood—a founding partner of the US office—who grew up in the UK and attended Harrow School before studying as an undergraduate at Harvard University and as a graduate student at New York University and Columbia University. The UK academic team is led by another of the founding US partners, Arthur Crumlish, who has over 25 years of SAT and ACT tutoring and teacher training experience.

“A-List's tutors are excellent. The A-List Book of Knowledge textbook helped IMMENSELY, and condensed all the topics in very understandable ways. The college counsellors have many years of expertise in the field, and can help you find a range of schools that are tailored to your requirements. I would recommend getting assistance from A-List to anyone who wants to study in the USA.”
—Muna, +5 ACT points

Why A-List?

  • A-List UK's management and client service teams understand how best to incorporate US test prep and applications into the demands of the UK school system. We develop realistic and customised plans for every student factoring in their UK studies (GCSEs, A levels, IB etc) and extracurricular commitments. 
  • Our dynamic SAT and ACT test prep tutors are expert instructorsgraduates of top US universities and go through extensive and ongoing A-List training. Our team is passionate about providing our clients with the very best educational consulting.
  • A-List's approach is data driven. We've created our own proprietary SAT and ACT test prep materials based on extensive research and years of standardised test preparation and teaching experience. All of our students have access to free proctored full-length practice tests every weekend at our office. Tests are scored using our sophisticated grading and analysis technology and students receive detailed progress reports after every test.
  • We are proud of our results! On the pre-2016 SAT A-List UK's students improved by an average of 240 points and our top 25% of students improved by 410 points. On the ACT our students improve by an average of 5 points and our top 25% of students improve by 7 points.
ACT SAT Score Improvements

"A-List delivered a great tutoring service for my son—thank you."

Parent of son attending Harvard University, Class of 2018

"I can't recommend A-List enough. You really feel that you can use as much or as little from what they offer to suit your needs. I will certainly be using them for my other two children!"

—Parent of son attending New York University, Class of 2018

"I really struggled with the SAT to start but with A-List's help I was able to bump up my scores considerably and got offers from the unis of my choice."
Student attending Northwestern University, Class of 2017
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