Need more help than basic online tutoring? Classes and additional services A-List Education can offer you

Every student learns differently. Some people are visual learners who master material when visually engaged. Some students are highly verbal and a lecture or detailed passages are all they need to learn a new concept.

SAT Tutoring in London

Similarly, some students are able to learn from online source material and others are not. This can present a problem when a student is looking for a bit more help with their practice SAT tests and most of the tutoring services in this area only offer online tutoring sessions.

A-List Education is different. Our SAT tutoring in London offers students a unique and personalised approach to preparing for the SAT. This approach often includes physical classes held at our Kensington based office or classes held online.

What can A-List Education offer students?

At A-List Education, we recognise that all students have potential and need individual attention. Therefore, the tutors that teach our SAT tutoring in London aim to be as flexible as they can, to help balance their students’ schedules without overwhelming them.


Many online tutors communicate through email and send test papers and materials via the internet. This is a great solution if a student is unable to come to the tutor, but it lacks a personal approach that can leave students feeling unsupported.

At A-List Education, we are proud to offer our students in person classes to support other areas of their SAT tutoring in London and we offer a flexible timetable. We offer weekend practice tests and are able to schedule in additional classes, depending on your tutor’s availability.

Tutor availability

If you are unable to attend classes or don’t like the classroom environment, our tutors are available online on weekday evenings, afternoons and are often available at weekends. You can send emails and talk to them through a webcam if you prefer the face to face approach to tutoring, allowing them to converse with you and send you relevant documents and materials at the same time.

Practice tests

As previously mentioned, A-List Education believes that practice makes perfect. Therefore, we offer weekend tests at our Kensington office for students wanting to practice under test conditions.

If you are unable to make it to these proctored sessions, we can offer you the same tests online and you will be able to practice in the comfort of your own home. We can even send you practice tests to your home address, so you can get a real idea of how the test will look on the official exam day.

After we mark your tests, we can offer you targeted additional sessions, to help boost your skills in the areas where you want to improve. Depending on your schedule, you can easily book these additional sessions online at any time if you feel you need to and based on your tutor’s availability, we will try our best to accommodate you.

At A-List Education, we take tutoring seriously. Call us today for more information about our tutors and sessions.

Need more help than basic online tutoring? Classes and additional services A-List Education can offer you
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