How to pass the SAT with flying colours with SAT tutoring in London

If you plan to further your studies in America, you need to score highly on the SAT if you want to gain acceptance to your chosen institution.

If you have never been exposed to this method of testing before, it might seem foreign or even daunting to you. How can you correctly prepare for exams that you are not familiar with?

SAT Tutoring in London

Preparing for these exams involves finding a qualified tutor who has personal experience with the exam layout. You can find several tutoring companies in your area with a quick Google search, but how do you know which ones are reputable?

Reach out to us, A-List Education for customised, one-on-one learning that is second to none.

When should I start looking for a tutor?

If you study for the SATS the night before, the chances are that you will not achieve the results you want.

You should start preparing months in advance, which should include SAT tutoring in London for additional guidance on problem areas.

What SAT tutoring in London should I expect from A-List Education?

Learning for your SAT requires more than watching a few YouTube videos, it also needs intensive studying.

The way you learn and retain knowledge is unique to you, which is something we take into account when devising a programme that is right for you. Methods that work for others might not be suitable for your needs.

In a classroom filled with children, a learner’s difficulties often go unnoticed, with teacher’s switching topics before a pupil may have had the chance to grasp the content fully.

Our one-on-one tutoring option means that no child is left behind. We teach at a pace and style that is comfortable to you and are happy to adjust the programme if specific subjects need more attention.

Our A-List Education tutors are US graduates from top schools who also undergo a rigorous training process. They are the best in the field, so you are guaranteed quality learning by people who are passionate to pass on their knowledge and help others to achieve academic success.

Their familiarity with the format of these tests will work to your advantage, because you will walk into the test knowing what to expect. You will be provided with up-to-date learning material to prepare correctly, as well as practice tests to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are and improve upon them before test day.

 Our programmes are flexible and work around your schedule

We understand that people’s lives are hectic, especially young adults who have a world of pressure on their shoulders to succeed.

Between sports, extramural activities and enjoying some free time to yourself, it is hard to squeeze in learning after school, which is why we offer lessons afterwards and over weekends if our tutors are given enough notice.

Ease some of the pressure of SAT learning with SAT tutoring in London. Being accepted into your desired university is achievable with us!

How to pass the SAT with flying colours with SAT tutoring in London
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