Why does SAT tutoring play such a critical role in raising test scores?

There are a number of reasons why students who register for SAT tutoring in London are likely to see improvements in their test scores. These reasons range from academic instruction that is focused on bridging learning gaps and the development of successful study methods, to the mental and emotional support from mentoring. Of course, it needs to be said in order for a student to benefit from these factors promoting success, the SAT tutoring in London services chosen need to be from an academic support company with the reputation for high performance and quality service.


At A-List Education we know well how much depends on SAT score results. Therefore, we have crafted services to meet the exact needs of our students. To a prospective parent this means a customised approach to academic support, suitably qualified and trained tutors, and making available exclusive learning materials that are relevant to the SAT.

Reasons why SAT tutoring in London works

  1. Students need SAT-centred support

    The SAT is a standardised test uniquely designed to assess a student’s knowledge of Maths and English as well as their critical reasoning skills. This means that the academic help that they require needs to be focused on SAT test’s particulars. Tutors who have sat the SAT themselves and who undergo comprehensive training are better equipped to provide the required help. At A-List Education, we place a great emphasis on both aspects in our recruitment and training process. To become a tutor, the individual must have certain qualifications:

    ● Attained impressive scores on the SAT.
    ● Graduated from a top university.
    ● Be dynamic and engaging individuals with an extraordinary ability to mentor others.
    ● Receive professional development training in the field of SAT tutoring.

  2. Students need motivation

    Motivation does not come naturally for all students. While some are aware of the need to score well on the SAT, motivation may dwindle as the official test date draws near or they may get discouraged because they are not making progress as quickly as they would like. Motivation and encouragement from a professional tutor that understands the SAT process and what is required can be an incredibly positive force.

  3. Student progress is measured by an independent source and feedback provided

    It is not enough for a student preparing for the SAT to cover all areas of course content. What is particularly beneficial about formal SAT tutoring is that a tutor can measure a student’s progress. A student may be given homework to test their knowledge or skills after a section has been completed or progress can be determined after a practice test has been taken. The feedback a student receives on how well they have performed is critical to them being well prepared for the SAT.

    To improve, students must know how to correct their mistakes. This can be incredibly hard for most students. Help from an experienced tutor can save a student much time and frustration in having to figure it all out for themselves.
    Do you need to boost the probability of your student’s chances of being admitted to a top US university of their choosing? Then make sure to give us a call at A-List Education today to learn more about how our tutors can help.
Why does SAT tutoring play such a critical role in raising test scores?
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