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US University Admissions & Application Support

The mission of A-List’s college advising is to take the stress and confusion out of the US application process and to help students gain acceptance into the colleges of their choice. Our expert advisors can manage your entire application process and help you successfully complete all US applications.

In an effort to identify the right match for a student, we pay particular attention to each student’s personal interests, career goals, social considerations, extracurricular activities and leadership roles. We will help you to stay informed and on track by:

      •        Selecting and researching universities
      •        Advising on high school courses and schedules
      •        Maintaining a timeline for requirements and deadlines
      •        Suggesting appropriate outside recommenders
      •        Organising resumes and activity sheets
      •        Conducting mock interviews
      •        Preparing art portfolios
      •        Giving advice for athletic recruiting
      •        Researching policies on superscoring
      •        Connecting with admission counsellors
      •        Following up after submission to make sure all components arrived successfully

What can we help you with?

Our expert team can provide full support for the entire application process or help with specific aspects.

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