In-school SAT/ACT Course & Teacher Training

A-List’s experienced educational specialists can develop and run a customised SAT and/or ACT course at your school.

We build courses based on  your  school’s particular requirements and  your students’ academic needs.  We are extremely flexible in terms of structure and can adapt our curriculum to fit into your school’s schedule. Our team is familiar with the UK school system (both independent and state) and understand the differences in curriculum as a way to translate the material successfully for your students.  

We also offer professional development for your school’s faculty and staff. If you have designated a US university coordinator at your school, we can help them develop the skills to support students in SAT/ACT preparation. Furthermore, our experienced advisors can assist educators as they write recommendation letters, develop clear and effective school transcripts and school profiles, and can provide resources on how international students can finance an education.

If you are interested in SAT/ACT school courses and teacher training, please call our Client Services Team on
+44 (0)20 3004 8101 or click the button to request more information.

A-List UK SAT/ACT Prep Approach:

Proprietary Content and Strategies

Our textbooks, drills, and technology emphasise test-taking techniques and reinforce core skills, which empower students for academic success beyond the test.

Practice Exams

Practice tests help students become comfortable with the format and pace of the exam. We only use real tests written and previously administered by The College Board and The ACT.

Committed to Student Success

At A-List, we take tremendous pride in seeing our students succeed. Our instructors have helped students improve their scores more than three times the national average in the United States. In addition, our students routinely gain acceptance to their top choice universities (including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford and virtually all of the top 50 ranked institutions).

A-List also offers a range of US university advising support services for schools. Our greatest measure of success would be the creation of such a US university-going culture at your institution. We can serve as your counsellors or support your current in house counsellors.

Tools to help your students succeed! 

The Book of Knowledge contains chapters on all sections and describes all question types in detail.  This proprietary material is based on review of 20+ years of published exams, was carefully researched and accurately reflects both the content composition and question format of the SAT/ACT.  The Book of Knowledge provides a quantitative breakdown of various question types as well as a comprehensive strategy for nearly every question that could appear on future SATs and ACTs. The Book of Knowledge is available in hard copy and as an eBook. 

A-List UK utilises Canvas as our Learning Management System. This innovative tool provides absolute structure for the course, optimising efficiency and efficacy. The feedback tools heighten communication, creating transparency for teachers and parents. Canvas portal access is available for pupils, teachers and parents to ensure that students are on track and that everyone is aware of appropriate assignments, results and updates. 

A-List’s Test Assessment Portal platform is a powerful and revolutionary new system. It’s extensive in-built reporting functionality allows the generation of specialized score reports giving detail on individual question performance, class-based performance across sections and historical test analysis. These reports have proven invaluable in our classrooms and represent the basis on which teachers can assess course effectiveness and optimise delivery for the most productive outcome possible. 

If you are interested in SAT/ACT school courses and teacher training, please call our Client Services Team on
+44 (0)20 3004 8101 or click the button to request more information.
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