Tutoring Packages

Our packages are designed to give students and families the attention and flexibility they need.

By purchasing packages in advance, a set number of hours and a tutor is selected for you to ensure your student meets their goals. We recommend specific packages after reviewing a student’s academic background and administering diagnostics assessments. Once you purchase a package, you can distribute the time you’ve purchased based however on your student’s needs and schedule.

A-List offers a variety of tutoring packages to choose from:

Basic Package

14 hours + 1 FREE bonus hour = 15 hours
Ideal for students who are close to meeting their academic goals but would like a professional to review and helpfully refine their work.

Preferred Package

23 hours + 2 FREE bonus hours = 25 hours
Our most popular package, this plan helps students refine content knowledge and also polish work for assessment.

Platinum Package

45 hours + 5 FREE bonus hours = 50 hours
This plan provides a comprehensive approach to achieving top academic results across the board. This is an ideal plan for a student looking for one-on-one support for a variety of subjects and developing strong study skills that will help them meet their goals throughout their academic career.

Custom Preparation

A customized plan to meet specific needs
We can create a customized plan to meet your student’s specific needs. We recognise the need for flexibility and can plan accordingly. Contact us and we will tailor a package to help your student excel.

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